Delivery terms

Goods in stock will be shipped from Monday to Friday. Delivery time may be the longest if the order is placed on Friday after 12 noon. The products are shipped to Omniva, Itella SmartPOST and DPD parcel machines in Estonia and Omniva parcel machines in Latvia or by courier to customer’s indicated address in Estonia and Latvia.
Depending on the quantity of goods ordered, the goods may arrive in two parts due to the limitation of the size of the parcel box.
It may be that the product that is up in the e-shop is currently out of stock. In that case, we will contact you to either provide you with a replacement product or a refund.

Delivery methods and prices are as follows (prices include VAT):
1. The parcel machine (Omniva, Itella Smartpost, DPD)
- Package up to 1,5kg - 1,50 euros
- Package 1,6kg - 5kg - 2 euros
- Package 5,1kg - 25kg - 4 euros
- Package 25,1kg - 50kg - 8 euros
2. Courier
- Package up to 25kg - 5 euros
- Package 25,1-50kg - 10 euros
3. The customer will pick up the goods himself - Free of charge

1. The parcel machine (Omniva)
- Package up to 1,5kg - 8 euros
- 1,6kg - 5kg package - 8,5 euros
- 5,1kg - 25kg package - 9,5 euros
- 25,1kg - 50kg package - 19 euros
2. Courier
- Package up to 25kg - 10eur
- Package 25,1-50kg - 20 euros

1. The parcel machine (Itella Smartpost)
- Package up to 6kg - 6 euros
- 6,1 - 15kg package - 8 euors
- 15,1 - 30kg package - 10,50 euros

Deliveries during the holidays:
It may take longer than usual to complete orders during the holiday season! We apologize for any longer waiting times!

If you have any questions, please call us at 56 606 134 or write to