Pure Life Puppy with Salmon and White Fish 12kg

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Grain free dog food with Salmon and White fish for Puppies, and female dogs at the end of gestation or during lactation for all breeds. Also suitable for sensitive puppies.
- Easier digestion (hyperdigestible ingredients, vegetable carbon, clay, brewer's yeast, psyllium fibres, aloe vera)
- Pleasant, harmonious growth (chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate, hydrolysed cartilage)
- Vitality guaranteed (fructo-oligosaccharides, yeast extracts)
- 85% of proteins are of animal origin
- No grains
- GMO-free vegetal raw materials
- No colouring agents
- Contains natural antioxidants
INGREDIENTS: Dehydrated animal proteins (chicken, duck, turkey, pork). Tapioca. Peas. Potato starch. Animal fat. Duck fat. Linseed. Apple fibres. Dehydrated fish (min 4%). Dehydrated salmon proteins (min 4%). Animal protein hydrolysates. Rapeseed oil. Artichoke. Fish autolysates (0,6%). Dehydrated carrots. Psyllium fibres. Melon. Blackcurrant. Fructo-oligosaccharides. Brewer's yeast. Parsnips. Jerusalem artichoke. Tomato. Acerola. Algae. Vegetable carbon. Clay. Yeast extracts. Hydrolysed cartilage. Chondroitin sulphate. Glucosamine sulphate. Aloe vera. Rosemary extracts. Preservatives. Vitamins and trace elements.
CONTENT BY VOLUME: Proteins 31%. Fats and oils 18%. Fibres 2%. Inorganic matter 6%. Phosphorus 0,9%. Calcium 1,4%. Sodium 0,33%. Potassium 0,6%. Magnesium 0,15%. Linoleic acid 22 g/kg. Alpha-linolenic acid 13 g/kg. Lysin 18,4 g/kg. Methionine 5,8 g/kg. Copper 21mg/kg. Zinc 236 mg/kg (including Zinc chelate 80 mg/kg). Manganese 67 mg/kg. Iodine 3,2 mg/kg. Selenium 0,9 mg/kg. Vitamin A 16000 UI. Vitamin D3 1000 UI. Vitamin E 220 UI. Vitamin B1 106 mg/kg. Vitamin B2 13 mg/kg. Pantothenic acid 48 mg/kg. Vitamin B6 12 mg/kg. Vitamin B12 0,28 mg/kg. Vitamin PP 41 mg/kg. Biotin 0,8 mg/kg. Choline 1800 mg/kg. Folic acid 2,7 mg/kg. Vitamin C 50 mg/kg. Metabolisable energy 4220 kcal/kg.