Pure Life Cat Sterilized 8+ with Duck and White Fish for Older Cats 4kg (2x2kg)

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Complete food for sterilized cats and/or cats with a tendency to overweight, over 8 years old. Also suitable for sensitive cats.
- Strengthens natural defenses
(natural antioxidants from fruits, as well as antioxidants such as inactivated selenium-enriched yeast, Vitamin E and taurine).
- Ensures satiety and maintains optimal weight (L-carnitine, high protein content, suitable quantity of fats and a balance of soluble and insoluble fibres)
- Everyday urinary comfort (cranberry, limited content with a balance of minerals)
-  Daily digestive well-being (pineapple, papaya and fibres content adjusted to limit hairballs)

Dehydrated animal proteins (33 % min.) (duck min 4 %, chicken, turkey, pork). Potato starch. Broad bean fibres. Peas. Poultry fat. Tapioca. Dehydrated fish (min 4 %). Apple fibres. Animal protein hydrolysates. Duck fat. Linseed. Calcium carbonate. Dehydrated carrots. Methionine. Artichoke. Fish oil. Fish autolysates (0,5 %). Ammonium chloride. Pomegranate. Blackcurrant. Brewer's yeast. Clay. Taurine. Algae. Fructo-oligosaccharides. Papaya. Cranberry. Pineapple (stem). Acerola. Yucca. Rosemary extracts. Aloe vera. L-carnitine. Vitamins and trace elements.

Content by volume:
Crude proteins 35 %. Crude fats and oils 14 %. Crude fibres 6 %. Inorganic matter 6,5 %. Calcium 1,2 %. Phosphorus 0,8 %. Sodium 0,4 %. Potassium 0,72 %. Magnesium 0,09 %. Linoleic acid 29 g/kg. Alpha-linolenic acid 7,4 g/kg. EPA + DHA 1,96 g/kg. Lysin 17,1 g/kg. Methionine 11,2 g/kg. L-carnitine 50 mg/kg. Taurine 1700 mg/kg. Copper 18 mg/kg. Zinc 119 mg/kg (of which Zinc chelate 32 mg/kg). Manganese 88 mg/kg. Iodine 1,9 mg/kg. Selenium 0,4 mg/kg (of which Organic selenium 0,08 mg/kg). Vitamin A 17600 UI. Vitamin D3 1600 UI. Vitamin E 160 UI. Vitamin B1 96 mg/kg. Vitamin B2 4 mg/kg. Pantothenic acid 13,9 mg/kg. Vitamin B6 4,8 mg/kg. Vitamin B12 0,025 mg/kg. Vitamin PP 52 mg/kg. Biotin 1,6 mg/kg. Folic acid 1 mg/kg. Choline chloride 3750 mg/kg. Metabolisable energy 3755 kcal/kg.