Protect Dermato dog food for dogs with skin disorders 12kg

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Protect Dermato dog food for dogs with skin disorders. HYPOALLERGENIC, STRONGER SKIN

Complete dietetic food for dogs with particular nutritional needs
“Support of skin function in the case of dermatosis and excessive loss of hair”.
“Reduction of ingredient and nutrient intolerances”.

This food is also suitable as a support for  “Nutritional restoration, convalescence”.

Borage seeds, biotin, chelated zinc for a healthy skin.
Selected animal proteins of duck and white fishes (free from pork, chicken and beef), to reduce food intolerances.
Artichoke, turmeric, bushwillow (combretum), boldo, rosemary, vegetable carbon for an optimal digestive comfort.

GMO-free vegetal materials, no wheat or soya

INGREDIENTS: Dehydrated duck proteins (15% min.). Dehulled oats. Rice. Tapioca. Duck fat. Sweet potato. Apple fibres. Potato proteins. Linseed. Dehydrated fish (3% min.). Peas. Brewer’s yeast. Animal protein hydrolysates. Wild white fish protein hydrolysates (including cod, anglerfish). Fish autolysates (1%). Borage seeds. Clay. Fructo-oligosaccharides. Fish oil. Sea salt. Artichoke. Turmeric. Bushwillow (combretum). Boldo. Rosemary. Vegetable carbon. Rosemary extracts. Vitamins and trace elements.

CONTENT BY VOLUME: Crude protein 26 %. Crude fat 16 %. Crude fibres 2,5 %. Inorganic matter 7 %. Calcium 1.25 %. Phosphorus 0.85 %. Sodium 0.36 %. Potassium 0.65 %. Magnesium 0.1 %. Linoleic acid 18.5 g/kg. Alpha-linolenic acid 10.4 g/kg. EPA + DHA 1.6 g/kg. Lysin 15.1 g/kg. Methionine 4.8 g/kg. Copper 21 mg/kg. Zinc 182 mg/kg (including zinc chelate 72 mg/kg). Manganese 86 mg/kg. Iodine 3.1 mg/kg. Selenium 0.84 mg/kg (of which organic selenium 0.18 mg/kg). Vitamin A 13600 UI. Vitamin D3 900 UI. Vitamin E 250 UI. Vitamin B1 84 mg/kg. Vitamin B2 10.4 mg/kg. Pantothenic acid 42 mg/kg. Vitamin B6 9.6 mg/kg. Vitamin B12 0.22 mg/kg. Vitamin PP 32 mg/kg. Biotin 2.4 mg/kg. Folic acid 2.2 mg/kg. Choline chloride 1725 mg/kg. Metabolisable energy 3838 kcal/kg.