Grandorf Turkey and Brown rice Adult Mini Breed 3kg

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Turkey & Brown Rice – Adult Mini Breeds
For adult mini breed dogs of 1 year and older

A special formula for pets with sensitive digestion which is purposely based on ONE SOURCE OF ANIMAL PROTEIN, ONE SOURCE OF CARBOHYDRATES and with a short list of ingredients.

Formula rich in turkey, focused on pure animal protein and provides all the essential amino acids to satisfy biological needs of a pet in meat nutrition for a healthy living.

70% meat animal ingredients
Low-grain composition
Single source of animal protein
27% protein, 13% fat

Does not contain: Corn, Wheat, Beet, Peas, Eggs, By-products, Chicken, Chicken fat, Soy, Artificial Flavors, Preservatives and GMO’s.
Hypoallergenic ingredients are ideal for sensitive animals, can help with digestion and help strengthen the immune system.Product benefits

Product benefits:
70% meat & animal ingredients - Provides high quality animal protein
#1 and #2  ingredients are meat - Made with fresh and gently dehydrated meat
Single source carbohydrate - Ideal for sensitive pets
No added vegetable protein - Animal protein provides everything needed
Balanced protein without excess- May help in preventing overloads of kidneys and liver
Selected hypoallergenic ingredients - May help in reducing the risk of food intolerance
Maintains healthy urine pH level - May help reduce the risk of kidney stones
Balanced ratio of Omega 3-6 - Helps maintain a healthy skin and coat
Glucosamine and Chondroitin - Supports joints and cartilaginous tissues
Natural essential antioxidants - May help reduce the risk of diseases and cell damage

Ingredients: Dehydrated turkey meat (28%), Fresh turkey meat (27%), Whole grain brown rice, Hydrolyzed turkey protein (8%), Turkey fat (5%), Salmon oil (2%), Linseed, Chicory roots powder (natural source of prebiotics: FOS and inulin), Brewers’ yeast (natural source of MOS), Glucosamine (1.000 mg/kg), Chondroitin sulphate (1.000 mg/kg), MSM (Methyl sulphonyl methane, 40 mg/kg), Dried apple, Dried spinach, Dried broccoli, Dried cranberries, Dried blueberry, Mojave yucca
Metabolic energy: 4,020 kcal/kg

Analysis %: Crude proteins: 27,0; Crude fats:13,0; Crude ashes: 7,5; Crude fibres: 3,5; Moisture: 9,0; Calcium (Са): 1,6; Phosphorus (P): 1,1; Omega-6: 2,5; Omega-3: 0,6
Vitamins (mg/kg): Vitamin A (UI/kg): 20.000; Vitamin D3 (UI/kg): 1.500; Vitamin E (a-tocopherol): 150; Vitamin C: 100.0
Trace elements (mg/kg): Iron (E1): 90,0; Copper (Е4): 13,0; Zinc (E6): 100,0; Manganese (E5): 40,0; Iodine (E2): 1,5; Selenium (E8): 0,2; Glucosamine: 500,0; Chondroitin: 500,0; MSM: 40
Antioxidants (mg/kg): Natural antioxidants (rosemary, vitis, curcuma, citrus and syzygium): 300
Amino acids (mg/kg): Taurine: 1000.0