Grandorf Dog Lamb & Turkey Puppy 3kg (2x3kg)

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Lamb & Turkey – Puppy All Breeds. Complete food for puppies from 3 weeks, pregnant and lactating bitches. Complete food for dogs.

Ideal for delicate digestive system of puppies. High content of essential proteins, healthy fats, amino acids and vitamins guarantees healthy growth and development of puppies.
Rich in lamb and turkey formula focused on pure animal protein and provides all the essential amino acids to satisfy biological needs of a pet in meat nutrition for a healthy living.

- 70% meat & animal ingredients
- Low-grain composition
- Hypoallergenic ingredients
- 29% protein, 18% fat

Does not contain: Corn, Wheat, Beet, Peas, Eggs, By-products, Chicken, Chicken fat, Soy, Flavors, Preservatives and GMO.

Hypoallergenic ingredients help prevent allergic reactions and food intolerance, providing immune and digestive health.

 Dehydrated lamb meat (24%), Dehydrated turkey meat (23%), Whole grain brown rice, Fresh lamb meat (7%), Fresh turkey meat (7%), Turkey fat (7%), Chicory roots powder (a natural source of prebiotics: FOS and inulin), Carob flour, Dried apple, Salmon oil (1%), Dried Antarctic krill (a natural source of EPA and DHA, 1%), Brewers yeast (a natural source of MOS), Glucosamine (1.000 mg/kg), Ghondroitin sulphate (1.000 mg/kg), MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane, 40 mg/kg), Dried cranbeeries, Mojave yucca. Metabolic energy: 4,270 kcal/kg

Analysis %:
 Crude proteins: 28,0; Crude fats:17,0; Omega-6: 3,2; Omega-3: 0,7; Crude ashes: 7,5; Crude fibres: 3,0; Moisture: 9,0; Calcium (Са): 1,4; Phosphorus (P): 1,0

Additives: Vitamin A (3a672a): 20.000 UI/kg; Vitamin D3 (3a671): 2.500 UI/kg; Vitamin E (3a700): 150mg/kg; Vitamin C (3a312): 100mg/kg; Iron (3b103-3b106): 45mg/kg; Copper (3b405-3b406): 13mg/kg; Zinc (3b605-3b606): 50mg/kg; Manganese (3b503-3b504): 40mg/kg; Iodine (3b201): 1,5mg/kg; Selenium (3b801): 0,2mg/kg; Taurine (3a370): 1000mg/kg; tocopherol rich extracts from plant oils: 1000mg/kg