Candid Tails CBD hemp shampoo for dogs 250ml

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Candid Tails CBD hemp shampoo for dogs 250ml

CandidTails CDB shampoo for dogs 250 ml - Softness, fragrance, special skin care

Candid “CBD Enhanced” shampoo contains all natural ingredients that work in synergy to provide:

• A soothing scent for your pet
• A soft feel to the coat
• A shiny appearance to the fur
• Healthy skin

CDB content 125 mg

*CBD in dog shampoo can also have a beneficial effect on itching and act as a flea control*

Natural glow!

The different ingredients in the formula work in synergy to add a natural shine to your dog's fur.

Hemp seed oil is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and full of fatty acids that moisturize, strengthen and repair the coat, giving your dog a shiny look!

Cannabinoids (CBD) can help make hair thicker and stronger, giving it a healthier appearance. Therefore, it also has a strong potential to revive the damaged.

Practically, it gives your dog a healthier and shinier appearance.