Candid Tails CBD Calming soothing treats for dogs 150g

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Candid Tails CBD Calming soothing treats for dogs 150g

Calm+ is a natural dog treat that uses Mother Nature's best selection of calming herbs:

Rose root
Lemon balm

Each bite contains naturally occurring CBD and is based on insect protein.

All snacks are hypoallergenic and sugar-free. They can also help with itchy skin.

We think it's the perfect healthy snack for dogs that are quickly overwhelmed by their environment.

This snack is often used during separation stress, vet visits, and other exciting events that throw the dog off their feet.

Relax+ dog treats for dogs are often used during loud noise events such as fireworks, thunderstorms or nearby music festivals.

Treats can support your pet during car rides, flights, or other forms of travel when it scares them.

Treats can help your dog who has been left home alone for 6+ hours.

Treats can help keep your dog calm when meeting strangers or other dogs in public.

The CBD content in the product is approximately 150 mg.

Package size 150g